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Dear Art Patron,

Wanting a change from practicing architecture, and realizing my Didgeridoo at home was more an art piece than musical instrument, I wrapped a companion piece, and named it "The Quiet Oboe." I fell in love with the warmth of wrapped fiber on the cylindrical form. Each tube is coated with adhesive, and individually wrapped, top to bottom, with sumptuous fiber of varying sheen and texture.

My saving passion is these cylindrical tapestries I call "Quiet Oboes", and the sculptural pieces, constructions of these fiber wrapped tubes in combination with metal structure. The delicious warmth of the fiber, either in combination with the cool metals, or the warm color infused with flecks and dashes of cool color sings and harmonizes with the other art and furnishings of any room.
Please call and arrange to take some warmth and color into your home!
Most Sincerely,
Myra Burg

Myra Burg
171 Pier Ave. #353
Santa Monica, CA. 90405
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